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And…I’m blonde again…

April 6, 2009


after I went back to see the wonderful Aziz at the now Pink Karma Salon, I’ve got my blonde on :o) check it! LOVE it!

blonde carcarblonde

…sort of, well, not as Blonde as I’d like to be, but I will be there in a few weeks, platinum to be exact! Anyways, these are the pics.



That’s all. Nothing really to say. I’m LOVING life!


Quick post: New tattoo, #4 – Conqueror

April 5, 2009


That’s what I am! A CONQUEROR, through Christ, which strengthens me! that’s all. This is just for all the adversity, hard times, storms, struggles that I overcame through believing and trusting.  *thought I’d share*

Ciao for now,