What to do, what to do…

First, I can’t STAND to not be in control, drives me nuts! However, I fully understand things are totally out of my control, but I can’t help but want to have some sort of control over them. i.e – a certain someone, job, and basically life in general.

For the past few days I have been in this mysterious “funk”. I’m not mad, sad or unhappy, I just am in limbo or something weird like that. I’m happy and smiley and joyous, but SOMETHING(s) is/are bothering me and I can’t quite figure it out – now that’s annoying!

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with me not working out the last two weeks because I was heavily focused on this project?  Or because I didn’t read my Bible once last week? Or because I can’t(need to) get over how a certain someone acted towards me (punk!) – I take that back…sort of! Or…what!? I don’t know! I just feel, weird.

So, I started back working out this week – endorphins flowing, check! Read my Bible, check! Won’t speak to that person, or is it the other way around, check! Then what!  ugh! just ugh!

I think I also feel guilty for engaging in some serious flirtatious behavior with someone I definitely shouldn’t be flirting with, talking to, sure, flirting with, NO! Guilt is a major thing…maybe that’s it? idk!!!!

You ever heard of that silly thing, you know, being afraid of success? It’s disturbing. That’s all I will say about that.

I am on the brink of a MAJOR life changing event and I am THRILLED beyond belief at the opportunities and the experiences and just so excited for this! Can’t wait! Claim it. Belive it. Receive it. = receipe for success!

Something is so not right in my soul. This sux. I want to turn this frown upside down, ASAP! bleh!


3 Responses to “What to do, what to do…”

  1. Autumn Says:

    You totally sound like me a few days ago. I wish I could tell you what it is. Sometimes there is a frustration before fulfillment. That may be it…

  2. Avertedd Says:

    Мне нравятся Ваши посты, заставляет задуматься…

  3. fuhTafJalgalk Says:

    офисная магия лол

    Я уже теперь писал вам по поводу продаи (цены) вашего домена. Но зашёлш из дома провертиь ваш опровержение, а своего комментария беспричинно и не обнаружил. Видимо, я его как-то не беспричинно отправил, alias у вас спам-фильтры зарубили выше комментарий, я на любой случай поменял указанные е-мейл, ник и сайт, недуманнонегаданно они не нравятся вашему фильтгу.

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