This and that

*some quick little updates*

– Yesterday, someone told me the absolute MOST ridiculous, INSANE bit of news/information/speculation/accusation, E V E R and said “you just compartmentalize that” – ummmmmmmmm, yeah. – got 2.5 hours of sleep last night. ugh!

– so onto FUN stuff!

Last Saturday I went to the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour here in VA and had a BLAST!!! It featured the Christian Hip Hop artists on Reach Records – Lecrae, Tripp Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka and Flame. It was super amazing!  The church was ROCKIN! All types of people were in there, young, old, red, yellow, black and white (we are all His children in His sight – remember that little song?) anyways, I even looked over and saw the Pastor gettin down! It was a great, great night! Good news music and such.

Check the Reach Records website for the Don’t Waste Your Life tour to see if it is coming to a city near you! – you definitely want to hit this up!

I’ve loved this song ever since I saw it one morning while getting ready for church by Flame and Lecrae – Joyful Noise *check the video* The beat rocks SO hard, but the message is that much better.

It truly was a blessing to be there in this big church listening to these awesomely talented young men not only share their creative music with us, but their testimonies as well.  I’m not much of a rap or hip hop fan anymore, but I love that Gospel music comes in all forms and that so many young people were there and knew ALL the words!  Hey, it’s better than them being at some other concert; they were partying for the Lord lol! And having sooo much fun!

While there I also got the chance to meet and get a CD from another amazing artist on the record label, BenJah.  He classifies his music as Island, Soul, Rock and it is that.  The music is so chill, with the perfect balance of the three key elements and with a great message as well.  Check his website,, to listen to some of his music and then download the CD Filtered on itunes, it’s DEFINITELY worth it!  It’s great to see young people in the Kingdom using their God given talents and spreading the Gospel through their chosen medium!


– Oh! so I got some MUCH needed closure on a little teensy situation and I’m glad for it! 

– So I got some really, super awesome, super great news last week! It’s just amazing to be BLESSED and to see God’s hand at work in my life! He is preparing me for my next step and I am SOOOOO excited!

– The rain in the DC metro area is KILLING me! I want summer! I miss being able to go home and swim laps in the pool! ugh! to think, that was only two weeks ago! WHERE is the SUN! I’m trying to get my tan on, LOL!

– I got these ultra, super cute, fabulous House of Harlow rings yesterday! I didn’t like her jewelry line at first, but then I got an email and looked through and found something(s) I liked!  

– My mind has drifted away to thoughts of slumber so I’ll finish this later…maybe.

Ciao for now,



2 Responses to “This and that”

  1. margo lisk Says:

    Are you still looking for the anna sui phoenix deco print dress?
    i have a couple of sizes left (Brand new and tagged)
    please email if your interested

    i also have alot more stock im selling off as im moving to a bigger location in La Quinta


  2. Jannie Says:

    The DWYL is awesome loved it too..

    One of My fav Sites….

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