Where have I been?

– I wish I could say I was on some 2 week exotic tropical vacation…

– Or wisked off to Paris on a private jet for a major shopping spree – well maybe not Paris since all the planes keep crashing into the water!!!!!!

– Or I locked myself away and was working on some amazing project – nope, already did that 🙂 and it is coming to fruition! yippee!

– Or maybe it’s just the boring fact that life has been happening lol! Nah, my life isn’t boring AT. ALL. I kind of wish I had a camera following me around the past two weeks or so.

I had a really great weekend playing mas at the DC Carnival! It was SO fun! We danced ALLLLL day down Georgia Avenue and then went to the after party where we commenced to danging ALLLLL night to all types of Soca and Reggae till 430 in la manana!!! it was pure, sober, fun!

We are gearing up to go to Carnival in Trinidad next February so we got our fun and experience in! The only true way to experience Carnival is to play mas! We were going to do the mud band, but changed at the last minute to play in this other band BUT we still got covered in mud! Gotta have the mud experience at least once in your life!  Now I want to go to all the Carnival celebrations around the world, namely Caribana and the one in New York on labor day! Caribana is only one month away so I’m not sure I can swing it, but MAYBE the NY one!

Anyways, let’s see what else. Oh, I went to this great Reggae concert the other weekend at the carter baron here in DC. Each summer they do a series of free concerts hosted by the washington post – it was so fun! The night was perfect, balmy.  Lots of people came out, young and old, to party!

I saw so many different styles of locs it was making me crazy – in a good way!! This woman’s locs in front of me were SO pretty! And the perfect size!  I really want to loc my hair at the end of the summer and have been trying to decide how I will start them – twists, braids or comb twists. I will probably go with braids so the hair will actually stay in place!  I’m ready for the next “phase” in my natural hair journey.  I have yet to find a picture of someone with my hair type with locs, but I’m going to keep looking! I’ve gotten some great advice from people who wear locs and my friend even said she’d help me start mine at the end of the summer! yay!

That’s all for now – quick updates! All I know is 9 months until Carnival! Going to up my milage in my runs (I’m at 3.5 miles now) and the time I spend in the pool doing laps (I do an hour)! Trinidad Carnival + caribbean hot sun + skimpy outfits = pure dedication to training oneself for a 14 mile party! yay!!!

Ciao, Ciao



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