Wow! I haven’t written on here in a minute! Of course my Birthday vacation was AWESOME!!! But onto my new hair!

I love my curly hair, it’s so fab, why wouldn’t I?! But lately (read: the past few months) I’ve been ready for a next step, something new with my hair! Plus, I have serious hair envy when I see men and women with a fab head of beautiful dreadlocs!

I did my research and tried out different ways to loc my hair on the back of my head and finally decided on interlocking as a way to start my locs! I only did 12 and quickly realized, ummm I need someone else to do this for me!  I called up my good friend who has had her locs for 8 years and told her about my decision and she said she’d do it for me! YAY! so yesterday, October 3, 2009 marks the day my baby interlocked locs were born! Check them! I’ve also started a new blog to chronicle my new hair journey through pics and stuff – From Fab Curls to Rockin Locs




One Response to “***NEW HAIR*NEW HAIR*NEW HAIR***”

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