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Where are you?!

March 4, 2010

I haven’t written on this blog in FOREVER!!! Well, the last times I have written, they’ve been private posts, things I had to get out right then and there, but not share with the world ūüôā

Anyways,¬†I think I will come back to My PURPLE World and write again!¬† I have been busy with LIFE and living and the only places I write are on my hair blog -> From Fab Curls to Rockin¬†Locs, my twitter and my journal.¬† I deleted my original twitter AND back in December.¬† I was getting annoyed with both!¬† But I found my way back to twitter…for all the fun contests that bloggers and companies each run via twitter! So far I’ve won some cool stuff so that’s really the only reason why I have a twitter again.

Umm let’s see. Definitely don’t have time or the energy to catch up, but I’m loving life! I think I always am or rather aspire to be loving life all the time! 2010 has been interesting thus far and I canNOT believe it is march already! time is flying by entirely TOO fast! I’ve got to live it up¬†some more to keep up!

– I totally can’t wait for the Spring to hit the #DMV! iHATE¬†this cold, snowy, icy, dreary weather!¬† Looking forward to flirty dresses, colorful prints and sandals!!!

– I find it SO funny how I can go from total infatuation, love, then hate, then love again for the same person in the span of hours, or days, or weeks, LOL! It’s kind of, it’s really crazy! I’m thinking this time (rolls my eyes at myself) I’m going to be OK with being friends, because anything else is too much to process haha!

– But at the same time, I just don’t want to be FRIENDS!!! but, I enjoy our friendship! .. moving along

– I have this 5 inch pair of purple snake print mary janes that I love!! I wear them every chance I get! especially to work with a pencil skirt…yeah, it’s the best!

– umm, I am addicted to green tea! I drink like 5 cups a day! In addition to the at least 56 oz of water lol! Between the two I am bouncing off the walls ALL day @ work!

– That’s why I go to the gym when I get off work to use that energy to get in a great workout!

– Oh, so my latest obsesh( not really..but really!) is with men with beautiful long locs and military men! lol! (because they have traveled the world and have an enviable passport! plus they can tell me of all the places I MUST go before I die, kind of thing, yup!)

РOh! So in January, I was minding my business, driving in my SUV on the way to the gym in the snow when all of a sudden, I spin out across THREE lanes of traffic and end up completely turned around, facing on coming traffic after my truck SMASHED into the concrete siding on the road! it.was.intense. But thank GOD! I walked away from the accident!! They had my truck for a whole month before I got it back two weeks ago!

I’ve never been in an accident so it was kind of scary!¬† Point is, me and my “big bad SUV” aren’t as indestructible as I thought!¬†

– the 8 foot piles of snow in my front yard are taking FOREVER to melt! I think I never want to shovel snow for the rest of my life lol! Shoveling 2 feet one week and 3 feet the next on a long driveway is NOT.FUN!

– Well, I am off to read everyone’s blogs!

РI am excited because my hair is 5 months, and counting, and I am LOVING every minute of my cute locs, dreads Рwhatever you want to call them! My hair journey is eye-opening and enlightening! Plus, I love washing my hair every morning! That tea tree mint shampoo gives me an invigorating burst of freshness to start my day!

Ciao, ciao