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Countdown to my (Birthday) VACATION!!!

August 4, 2009

Day-cations and stay-cations don’t resonate well within my soul! ha! My body doesn’t understand why it hasn’t laid on white sandy beaches or  frolicked in the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean as of yet! My skin is a tad “pale” – ok, slightly bronzed, but not that fab bronzy glow I get when I travel to de islands mon!

So, on to my trip! I am mucho excited and just realized it is only 20 days away! yippee! I have been BLESSED to be able to go on a 4-day Western Caribbean cruise that stops in the Florida Keys and Cozumel! What’s even better is I will be celebrating my 28th birthday in Cozumel and on the high seas! dude! I’m elated!!! Even more fun, when we dock in Miami, we are staying there over the weekend! woop! partay fabulous!!!

And just to let you know HOW BLESSED this girl is! The grand total for my flights, 4-day cruise, hotel in MIAMI is……..$460! that’s right! Four hunnent and sixtay dollllllas yo! whooo hooo! The Lord was looking out for ya girl!!

I am just so thrilled that I get to go on vacation, that I get to celebrate my 28th BIRTHDAY not in VA and that the trip was way affordable! Trust and belive when I say I’m a Blessed girl! (This is just one of many of my blessings!!)

Countdown: 20 days to ship off!! woop woop!!


My Birthday Shoes

August 22, 2007

To go with my Birthday Dress!!! I just took it to Nordies to get it shortened, LOL! Hey I gotta show off my hot, sexy legs! And what better way to do it than with some hott gold platform, stillettos!!!! AND, being the fabulous fashionista on a budget, the shoes were SO affordable, I’m going ALL out for my accesories!!!! Here they are! I’m getting so excited!!!!!!

My Birthday dress!!!

August 20, 2007

This is my fantastic and fabulous dress that I will be debuting for my fabulous birthday bash! 🙂

I saw it online at in the BP dept and knew this was my dress! I had seen a dress similar to the way it is designed at Macy’s but it was cut all wrong! But this dress is a winner! I called one store, they had it, I put it onhold and picked it up Saturday. Slipped it on and viola! My b-day dress!!!

Now I just have to pick up some fun accessories! I have shoes, but ofcourse I want new ones, lol! BUT being the fantastic fashionista on a budget, I may forego the new shoes for tons of new accessories; afterall, the shoes I have in my closet will more than suffice!

I have already picked out my makeup for the evening, lots of golds, bronze and the like. I will be heading to the MAC counter after work to have them apply my ultra fun lashes and shoot! I may just have them do my makeup!

I seriously can’t wait for this weekend! I will be getting tons of rest, taking my vitamins, getting up for morning jogs and not working too hard this week lol!

Hope you all have a fantastic week!!!!!!!!!!!!



Bianca’s Fabulous Birthday Bash!

August 1, 2007

So I have decided on a venue for my Champagne Birthday! and it will be at DC’s newest, and hottest, IMO, spot, IBIZA! I fell in love with it when we went to the opening back at the beginning of July! Pure fabulousness! Swanky interior, mucho bars AND a rooftop area; I fell in luv!

So what better place to have my soirée than at Ibiza! I am going to do it ‘big’, get a table and all that and bottle service all night; gotta have the champagne flowing!

Now here is the fun part: only if you want to, feel free to contribute to Bianca’s Fabulous Birthday bash by clicking the button below. ALSO, if you are in the DC area and you wanna come partay with me, let me know! Stop by, say hi and have some champagne!!!

Friday August 24, 2007 – save the date LOL!