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My Nail of the Day

November 17, 2009

I never post nail polish but I absolutely love this China Glaze – Let’s Do It In 3-D! It’s so uber-fab that I had to post it!  It’s discontinued in stores but, I got in on eBay for like $4!

I am absolutely LOVING the holo-glitter of this polish and best part! It covers in one coat! ( I did two for good measure, but one coat will do!) 


Hello Fab Ones!

October 15, 2009


So, so much has been going on! Life, love, work, etc etc! But in the midst of it all, I still remain fab! *as you can clearly see* lol! I’m playin but not really!

Anywho! I’m loving, LOVING my new hair and am being patient letting it do what it’s going to do! Because in a year I’m going to have a head full of Fabulous locs! *giddy*

I found some uberfabulous stuff in my Harper’s Bazaar this morning, check it:

I need these purple Gucci shades in my life! I’ve been rocking my YSL’s for a few years now, time to get a new pair 🙂

These Louboutin chain link wedges are my ultimate Spring/Summer shoe! Starting a mini fund for them RIGHT now! Gotta have them!

Then I got an email from Aldo on thes HAUTE boots! Need these and a fab light weight gray leather jacket to fill my Fall leather quotient!

**umm sorry about the size of the pics, but they won’t resize!**

~insert bullet portion of this blog post~

– Oh yeah, so big things are about to happen for me – SO excited!

– Got a new-new crush, it’s mutual and oh so cute! he started it lol! adorable he is!

– comments such as “that’s SO not like you!” and “I can’t imagine you with ‘dreads’ ” make me laugh, like uh, so how am I? hmmm?

– partied all last weekend with my buddy B, going to do it all over again this weekend! viva la party!

– I can never pick what color nail polish to roack so I rock 3 or more at a time lol!


– *Clearly* some people aren’t meant to be in your life, so when they can easily walk out and NOT look back, pssht! let them GO! They aren’t part of the greater picture, your destiny and purpose ANYWAYS so…BYE!!!!! 🙂

LOVE and ADORE my life right now! Couldn’t and Wouldn’t ask for anything more!

Ciao for now,


Had to take a break

July 30, 2007

So I went to ULTA to get my nail polish fix! I am in desperate need of hot new nail polish because I am sick of the ones I have. I have been looking for the perfect gunmetal nail polish and found it in Hit Me With Your Best Shot by Lippman created with Pat Benatar, but alas, ULTA did not have it!

So I wandered over by the Essie and OPI nail laquers, my ultimate faves, to check our their silver polish offerings. The OPI silver polish was wack, LOL and came out too sheer. I found the Loophole polish by Essie and instantly fell in love! It reminds me of my old skool Revlon silver from highschool; why did they stop making that color? Anywho, then I also fell in love with the pretty coral, Click it or Ticket. So I was in a slight dilemma, do I get both or just one? I LOVE a sparkly, sheer, coral for my toes in the summer; it’s so fab! So while pondering what I was going to do, I happen upon this nifty little four pack containing: Loophole, Click it or ticket, Huckle Buckle (a very yummy sheer lavender) and Below the Belt, the white polish. Everything I need for summer all in one case! Now, why didn’t I discover this at the beginning of summer!? Oh well, the minis will last me through the rest of summer and a bit into fall.