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New tattoo, V

December 24, 2009

My 5th tattoo:


And done:

I’m going to be honest, this one was THE most unpleasant of all of mine! O M GEEE! seriously! I was like, ummmm, can you be done already!?! But, I’m pleased with the work and the ink is fabulous! Makes all my other tat’s look ancient and dusty lol!

This is the ground work for an entire back piece that my artist and I are going to work on! I’ve got grand ideas! But for now, I’m good! This tattoo made me question my sanity LOL!

When he first did the outline, I had to focus on breathing haha! Never has a tattoo *hurt* before.  When he got down to the middle of my back, ummm, I sat bolt right up and was like, um OUCH! hahaha! That was such a crazy experience! It took a little over two hours, with a break, so you can imagine! When he was done with the outline, I was like, great, the worst isn’t even OVER! You see all that black filled in? Yeah, I was just breathing and talking and texting to get through it! Never balled up my face in pain, but I definitely felt like this would be my last one LOL! Only time will tell 🙂