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Where are you?!

March 4, 2010

I haven’t written on this blog in FOREVER!!! Well, the last times I have written, they’ve been private posts, things I had to get out right then and there, but not share with the world šŸ™‚

Anyways,Ā I think I will come back to My PURPLE World and write again!Ā  I have been busy with LIFE and living and the only places I write are on my hair blog -> From Fab Curls to RockinĀ Locs, my twitter and my journal.Ā  I deleted my original twitter AND back in December.Ā  I was getting annoyed with both!Ā  But I found my way back to twitter…for all the fun contests that bloggers and companies each run via twitter! So far I’ve won some cool stuff so that’s really the only reason why I have a twitter again.

Umm let’s see. Definitely don’t have time or the energy to catch up, but I’m loving life! I think I always am or rather aspire to be loving life all the time! 2010 has been interesting thus far and I canNOT believe it is march already! time is flying by entirely TOO fast! I’ve got to live it upĀ some more to keep up!

– I totally can’t wait for the Spring to hit the #DMV! iHATEĀ this cold, snowy, icy, dreary weather!Ā  Looking forward to flirty dresses, colorful prints and sandals!!!

– I find it SO funny how I can go from total infatuation, love, then hate, then love again for the same person in the span of hours, or days, or weeks, LOL! It’s kind of, it’s really crazy! I’m thinking this time (rolls my eyes at myself) I’m going to be OK with being friends, because anything else is too much to process haha!

– But at the same time, I just don’t want to be FRIENDS!!! but, I enjoy our friendship! .. moving along

– I have this 5 inch pair of purple snake print mary janes that I love!! I wear them every chance I get! especially to work with a pencil skirt…yeah, it’s the best!

– umm, I am addicted to green tea! I drink like 5 cups a day! In addition to the at least 56 oz of water lol! Between the two I am bouncing off the walls ALL day @ work!

– That’s why I go to the gym when I get off work to use that energy to get in a great workout!

– Oh, so my latest obsesh( not really..but really!) is with men with beautiful long locs and military men! lol! (because they have traveled the world and have an enviable passport! plus they can tell me of all the places I MUST go before I die, kind of thing, yup!)

– Oh! So in January,Ā I was minding my business, driving in my SUV on the way to the gym in the snow when all of a sudden, I spin out across THREE lanes of traffic and end up completely turned around, facing on coming traffic after my truck SMASHED into the concrete siding on the road! it.was.intense. But thank GOD! I walked away from the accident!! They had my truck for a whole month before I got it back two weeks ago!

I’ve never been in an accident so it was kind of scary!Ā  Point is, me and my “big bad SUV” aren’t as indestructible as I thought!Ā 

– the 8 foot piles of snow in my front yard are taking FOREVER to melt! I think I never want to shovel snow for the rest of my life lol! Shoveling 2 feet one week and 3 feet the next on a long driveway is NOT.FUN!

– Well, I am off to read everyone’s blogs!

– I am excited because my hair is 5 months, and counting, and I am LOVING every minute of my cute locs, dreads – whatever you want to call them! My hair journey is eye-openingĀ and enlightening! Plus, I love washing my hair every morning! That tea tree mint shampoo gives me an invigoratingĀ burst of freshness to start my day!

Ciao, ciao




April 11, 2008

– I’m sick; allergies or something dumb! I hate it! I went the WHOLE cold season without so much as a sniffle and bam! I get hit with stinky allergies, or whatever!

– I’ve been having the most VIVID dreams this week due to the concoction of medications I’ve been taking to rid my body of this, this cold or allergies or whatever it is!

– I’m still going to Happy Hour! It’s SO pretty out! I’m not sitting at home and I feel like 85% better!

– Bible study was intense last night, as per usual. I love my Singles Bible study!

– I am in the process of “getting my house” in order for the amazing blessing that God has in store for me! My mom told me something last week that I have been sharing with my friends because it speaks VOLUMESĀ  – “All these doors are shutting because a wall is about to come down.” – yup! I believe it! God’s got GREAT things in store for me and I’m not going to do anything to hem that up!

– I am REALLY excited about this BIG thing that I am working on! I will share later, but I am SO excited! Can’t wait to see it through to completion!

– I look REALLY good today in my skinny jeans despite not having been to the gym but once this week, LOL! Guess being sick has it’s upsides, HAHAHAHA

– I went through a whole carton of orange juice the other day for an overdose of Vitamin C! I will never drink OJ again lol!

– My shopping and spending have severly changed – for the better. It’s amazing what I find in my closet that I had NO idea I had haha! It’s new to me!

– I’m addicted to mangos! I used to only get them at the Caribbean Carnival in the summer, but they are SOOOOO good! Mangos and strawberries – yum!

– There are so many thoughts and ideas bouncing around in my head so a bulleted post is all I could come up with.

– I’m off to read you all’s wonderful blogs! Thanks for keeping me entertained and well read during the day b/c goodness knows my job is a BORE!!!

– Have a fantastic weekend! I plan on meeting up with a few friends I haven’t seen in a minute and giving some QT to this project I’m working on!




March 5, 2008

…So how come I’m not basking in the beautiful sun and sand and water like I was in Cancun last year and St. Thomas for my birthday the year before that…


…Why do I still rush home to watch my DVR of the day’s General Hospital! I lovee this show!

…Why was it SO nice Monday and Tuesday but today it’s all cold again! Where is SPRING!!!

…Why haven’t I studied and taken my GMAT?

…Why is Corporate America like THE worst place EVER!

…Why did I find these FAB shoes in my closet I never knew I had! hahahaha

…Why don’t I live off the Amalfi Coast???


…How come my boy in FL can get a phat crib for 150K but if I were to spend that here in the expensive a** DMV, I’d be living in the hood in a cardboard box!?!

…These girls on The Bad Girl’s Club are a MESS!

…I don’t feel like going to the gym tonight, but I am…I love it when I get there, but I hate going after work! It’s torture!Ā  BUT I love my legs and my calves are something serious!


…Toccara looks great! albeit, a tad bit airbrushed


…I got my license today, my real one sans the Scarlet Letter ‘R’…I should be cised, which I am, BUT my picture! UGH! It’s SO not what’s up! I want a re-do! Yup, I’m going to pay $10 more dollars! I am vain…duh!

…I had a whole list of stuff I came up with while driving because people here can’t drive for nothin, but I forgot!


Snow day!

February 22, 2008

So I got a call this morning saying that my office was closed due to the inclement weather…um…it’s just raining! There was a bit of ice on my windshield, but nothing compared to last Wednesday’s FREEZING RAIN STORM!!! lol! that they closed the office and the roads are perfectly fine…leave it to Northern Va, DC and Md to close schools all willy nilly just because they heard ice and snow was coming, pfft, whatev!

So I’m chillin, taking care of my little 9 y/o brother since he is out of school. We went on a pay m rent adventure and now we are safely back home. I had him turn off the TV to read a book.Ā  Kids watch TOO much TV! Later we are going to finish his homework of fractions…uh, what! Then we are going to take it to the gym to work it out! Anywho, I am going to leave you all with a buch of randomness bouncing around in my head. Plus, I need o post on my blog more than once a week! goodness!

The randomness…

*I keep toying with this idea going from super-seriousness, to not so super-serious about packing up and getting a one-way ticket to Jamaica and move there. I’m SO sick of this cold weather; it irks me to no end! Why must I freeze like 5 months out of the year – it blows! So, I concocted that I would move to JA, work on a resort and become a local…i’m not playing

*I got so annoyed tody at the woman at the bank who one, called my little brother short for a 9 year old – who asked you!?! and two for ASSuming he was my son! WTF! She was all, “Oh aren’t you having fun today MOM with him!” what!? she addressed me as “mom” – w t f…anyways moving on

*I need to step up my weight game – lifting weights that is. I was getting super buff(LOL) before my trip to Miami, but after that I stopped with the weights because…no reason, I had no time in the morning after te 5:45 AM spinning class to fit in adequate weight time. So, I’m going to start going to the gym twice a day to get back my svelt physique! I’ll soon have a pre-sale going for tickets to the gun show….please, I know, don’t laugh! haha

*Speaking of pre-sale – WHEN THE F*CK are the Glow In the Dark Tour tickets going on sale for VA! Damn! shows are selling out in like 30 minutes! I’m not playing, I will cut somebody if I don’t get damn tickets for this tour! trust!

*At least I’m going to see Jay and Mary – I would be more excited , but my seats are in the damn nosebleed section due to the pre-sale on Roc-a-Fella…blah!

*Speaking of motherhood, I have learned more about pregnancy than I EVER wanted to know these past few weeeks from a coworker who is due next week. She’s lucky, she gained no weight and looks like she has a beach ball for a stomach! But all the women are doting over her b/c t’s her first. She is SUPER excited, but all that talk, all the details…yuck! no thanks! I don’t think I could carry around a little human in my belly for 9+ months…nah homey!

*And to think, JLo was carrying two little humans in her belly! WOW! amazing! unless they make some kind of incubator for human babies, I’m not having one…I think – oh go away biological clock! GO!

*I’m about to cut my hair, like seriously short! Not Halle and not Rhianna, longer than Rhianna’s, yeah that’ll work!

*This weather better not act up! I’m looking forward to seeing a few people tomorrow night!

*I have a fantabulous outfit picked out for it too, so I’m not playing!

*Even my little brother hates the weather, he wants to move to Florida

*I’m thinking about moving; I can’t stay in NOVA for another year! I just can’t do it! I’m over it! L.A or Atlanta – hmmmm we shall see

That’s it for my randomness. Now lets just hope I actually post more than once a week! Goodness, you’d think I had some super packed busy schedule….well, sorta, but I miss my blog! Alright, have a fab day people! I’m off to read your wonderful blogs!!!


May 23, 2007

So I have a lot on my mind and since this is my public forum, I shall share with you all what the inner-most thoughts of B are at this moment…

-Um, I am constantly thinking about “him” ugh! He sent me an email…I sent one back, now I’m just waiting for this daunting response…WHY! Life should just be simple…Oh don’t we wish, or I wish

-This weekend is Memorial Day weekend, clubs are going to be hella expensive, and I want to go shopping, I am also going to have a cook out so, if you are in town, holla

-Work, why must I work? I am ready to retire at the ripe old age of 25, I’ve been working since I was 14. I should own a damn conglomerate of businesses by now! And a house, and have some investments, and that fab range rover I speak about on many occasions…ok, getting out of hand here, but seriously, I have been working for 11 years for what! What do I have to show for it? um, bills. Oh I do live in a pretty swell apartment…yeah, life’s not so so bad. Actually it isn’t

-This rant stemmed from disappointment in said male, spiraled into something else…

-I hope this day goes by fast

-I need to speak to my managers – we need to talk-my mind was spinning on exactly what I wanted to say, so I woke up and wrote it down. Now I must speak,yay

-Is everyone else in the whole wide world in love but me? ugh šŸ˜¦

-It’s so nice out this week, I hope the weather holds up for this weekend to lay out at the pool. I’m not going swimming, what with all these chemicals going on in my hair, I’m not sure I’m ready to be bald for June 1st.

-There is a Kappa boat thing coming up, but it’s going to be thrown by the same kappas I met in January, a.k.a. lameness to another scale, but hey, I love boats and I love to drink and I love the outdoors; maybe, just maybe the lame lame ones won’t be there…yeah right, they have been looking forward to this boat ride since last year……next, I just don’t want to run into 2 particular kappas, blah alas, it’s inevitable; it will just be another story for another post.

-I have so much to do today. I am going to boot camp. I need an outlet; something.

-Had a really funny conversation last night with my boy, LOL, can’t go into detail. well. nah. haha

-I need to move back to Arlington, but I know I will never find a place so big as I have now paying the rent I am paying, WITH a washer and dryer in the unit…hmmm sacrifices, nope, i will just take that 30 minute hike to DC when I so choose.

-That’s all

-Thank you for listening