Where have I been?

June 30, 2009

– I wish I could say I was on some 2 week exotic tropical vacation…

– Or wisked off to Paris on a private jet for a major shopping spree – well maybe not Paris since all the planes keep crashing into the water!!!!!!

– Or I locked myself away and was working on some amazing project – nope, already did that ūüôā and it is coming to fruition! yippee!

– Or maybe it’s just the boring fact that life has been happening lol! Nah, my life isn’t boring AT. ALL. I kind of wish I had a camera following me around the past two weeks or so.

I had a really great weekend playing mas at the DC Carnival! It was SO fun! We danced ALLLLL day down Georgia Avenue and then went to the after party where we commenced to danging ALLLLL night to all types of Soca and Reggae till 430 in la manana!!! it was pure, sober, fun!

We are gearing up to go to Carnival in Trinidad next February so we got our fun and experience in! The only true way to experience Carnival is to play mas! We were going to do the mud band, but changed at the last minute to play in this other band BUT we still got covered in mud! Gotta have the mud experience at least once in your life!¬† Now¬†I want to go to all the Carnival celebrations around the world, namely Caribana and the one in New York on labor day! Caribana is only one month away so I’m not sure¬†I can swing it, but MAYBE the NY one!

Anyways, let’s see what else. Oh,¬†I went to this great Reggae concert the other weekend at the carter baron here in DC. Each summer they do a series of free concerts hosted by the washington post – it was so fun! The night was perfect, balmy.¬† Lots of people came out, young and old, to party!

I saw so many different styles of locs it was making me crazy – in a good way!!¬†This woman’s locs in front of me were SO pretty! And the perfect size!¬† I really want to loc my hair at the end of the summer and have been trying to decide how I will start them – twists, braids or comb twists. I will probably go with braids so the hair will actually stay in place!¬† I’m ready for the next¬†“phase” in my natural hair journey.¬† I have yet to find a picture of someone with my hair type with locs, but I’m going to keep looking! I’ve gotten some great advice from people who wear locs and my friend even said she’d help me start mine at the end of the summer! yay!

That’s all for now – quick updates! All I know is 9 months until Carnival! Going to¬†up my milage in my runs¬†(I’m at 3.5 miles now)¬†and the time I spend in the pool doing laps (I do an hour)! Trinidad Carnival + caribbean hot sun + skimpy outfits = pure dedication to training oneself for a 14 mile party! yay!!!

Ciao, Ciao



This and that

June 11, 2009

*some quick little updates*

– Yesterday, someone told me the¬†absolute¬†MOST ridiculous, INSANE¬†bit of news/information/speculation/accusation,¬†E V E R and said “you just compartmentalize that” – ummmmmmmmm, yeah. – got 2.5 hours of sleep last night. ugh!

– so onto FUN stuff!

Last Saturday I went to the Don’t Waste Your Life Tour here in VA and had a BLAST!!! It featured the Christian Hip Hop artists on Reach Records – Lecrae, Tripp Lee, Tedashii, Sho Baraka and Flame. It was super amazing!¬† The church was ROCKIN! All types of people were in there, young, old, red, yellow, black and white (we are all His children in His sight – remember that little song?) anyways, I even looked over and saw the Pastor gettin down! It was a great, great night! Good news music and such.

Check the Reach Records website for the Don’t Waste Your Life tour to see if it is coming to a city near you! http://www.reachrecords.com/dwyl/¬†– you definitely want to hit this up!

I’ve loved this song ever since I saw it one morning while getting ready for church by Flame and Lecrae – Joyful Noise *check the video* The beat rocks SO hard, but the message is that much better.

It truly was a blessing to be there in this big church listening to these awesomely talented¬†young men¬†not only share their creative music with us, but their testimonies as well.¬† I’m not much of a rap or hip hop fan anymore, but I love that Gospel music comes in all forms and that so many young people were there and knew ALL the words!¬† Hey, it’s better than them being at some other concert; they were partying for the Lord lol! And having sooo much fun!

While there I also got the chance to meet and¬†get a CD from another amazing artist on the record label, BenJah.¬† He classifies his music as Island, Soul, Rock and it is that.¬† The music is so chill,¬†with the perfect balance of the three key¬†elements¬†and with a great message as well.¬† Check his website, www.benjahmusic.com,¬†to listen to some of his music and then download the CD Filtered on itunes, it’s DEFINITELY worth it!¬† It’s great to see young people in the Kingdom using their God given talents and spreading the Gospel through their chosen medium!


– Oh! so I got some MUCH needed closure on a little teensy situation and I’m glad for it!¬†

– So¬†I got some really, super awesome, super great news last week! It’s just amazing to be BLESSED and to see God’s hand at work in my life! He is preparing me for my next step and I am SOOOOO excited!

– The rain in the DC metro area is KILLING me! I want summer! I miss being able to go home and swim laps in the pool! ugh! to think, that was only two weeks ago! WHERE is the SUN! I’m trying to get my tan on, LOL!

– I got these ultra, super cute, fabulous House of¬†Harlow rings yesterday! I didn’t like her jewelry line at first, but then I got an email and looked through and found something(s) I liked! ¬†

– My mind has drifted away to thoughts of slumber so I’ll finish this later…maybe.

Ciao for now,


What to do, what to do…

May 19, 2009

First, I can’t STAND to not be in control, drives me nuts! However, I fully understand things are totally out of my control, but I can’t help but want to have some sort of control over them. i.e – a certain someone, job, and basically life in general.

For the past few days I have been in this mysterious “funk”. I’m not mad, sad or unhappy, I just am in limbo or something weird like that. I’m happy and smiley and joyous, but SOMETHING(s) is/are bothering me and I can’t quite figure it out – now that’s annoying!

I’m wondering if it has anything to do with me not working out the last two weeks because¬†I was heavily focused on this project?¬† Or because I didn’t read my Bible once last week? Or because I can’t(need to)¬†get over how a certain someone acted towards me (punk!) – I take that back…sort of! Or…what!? I don’t know! I just feel, weird.

So, I started back working out this week – endorphins flowing, check! Read my Bible, check! Won’t speak to that person, or is it the other way around, check! Then what!¬† ugh! just ugh!

I think I also feel guilty for engaging in some serious¬†flirtatious behavior with someone I definitely shouldn’t be flirting with, talking to, sure, flirting with, NO! Guilt is a major thing…maybe that’s it? idk!!!!

You ever heard of that silly thing, you know, being afraid of success? It’s disturbing. That’s all¬†I will say about that.

I am on the brink of a MAJOR life changing event and I am THRILLED beyond belief at the opportunities and the experiences and just so excited for this! Can’t wait! Claim it. Belive it. Receive it. = receipe for success!

Something is so not right in my soul. This sux. I want to turn this frown upside down, ASAP! bleh!

The evolution – Part un

May 17, 2009

This is like a major confession session.  Stay tuned, you might learn something. I am going to share with you how my life was changed in September 2007.

A little back story(in bullet form so as not to bore)…

– 2005-end of 2006 – involved in a STOOPID relationship with someone who was otherwise committed; so much time wasted, sad.

– beginning of 2007 – tired of dating the usual suspects, I decide to step outside my dating box (LOL)

– quarter one, 2007 – in steps Fraternity boy – four months of incessant drama as only DC boys that are in frats can bring

– quarter two, 2007 – in steps Air Force – he opens his heart up to me and I don’t know what to do with it, but stomp all over it and break him and me in the process

– quarter two into quarter three, 2007 – start two new relationships still reveling and hurting from Air Force – one with a youngin and one with a shady past that doesn’t come out until it’s too…late…

July 2007 – end it with the youngin because he’s got way too many female friends, and not enough time for me! ; the shady one and I step our relationship up to him….moving in (long story)

August 2007 – He makes his way into my whole life and my eyes being to open; I finally get out of him what he’s been HIDING from me and well, all hell breaks loose!

September 2007 – The shady one is finally out of my life and I am left in shambles; emotional distress at it’s finest, couple that with work drama and I was a DISASTER!

September 2007, I have noone else to turn to but God!  I have always been in the church, through all of the aforementioned drama too, but none of that could prepare me for the emotional and psychological hurt I faced and ultimately brought unto myself.

Life was rough enough, and then I introduce these jokers in my life, gee I wonder why I was messed up!  Anyways, after ending it once and for all with the shady one, God totally stepped in and saved me from myself; He put His foot down, grabbed my hand and said, Now, you must follow me! And I did, reluctantly, with tears in my eyes, not knowing, but what has been instilled in me from childhood was waking up and I grabbed hold of His unchanging hand and have never let go!

Now, I have always been one to pray, praise, ASK FORGIVENESS, go to church, pay my tithes, go to Bible study etc etc. But my life took on a whole new meaning during September 2007.  I joined this church I had been visiting, Heritage Fellowship Church, and learned to finally, fully and wholly trust my everything Рcircumstances, life Рto the One and only.

I literally had no choice; that’s how God does it though, He lets you handle what you THINK you can handle, and then He steps in to clean the mess you’ve made of everything!¬† Just like a good parent.¬† God broke me down to nothing – in every sense of the word – money wise, job wise, dating(really who is thinking abut this when I was going through what I was going through, but I ofcourse was).¬† It’s then and there that when I thought I had nothing, I really had EVERYTHING I ever needed in Jesus.

Life was NOT peachy keen! I’ve been in and out of work more than I can imagine, but He still kept me.¬† My life storms were just beginning to brew and I had NO idea what was in store for me.¬† However, I am so THANKFUL that I can look back and thank the good Lord for not only bringing me TO those storms, but bringing my THROUGH those storms!!!!!

I now know that what I went through and experienced was not just for me, but for me to share with others…this is MY tesimony.¬† Without a test, there is no Testimony…to be continued

And…I’m blonde again…

April 6, 2009


after I went back to see the wonderful Aziz at the now Pink Karma Salon, I’ve got my blonde on :o) check it! LOVE it!

blonde carcarblonde

…sort of, well, not as Blonde as I’d like to be, but I will be there in a few weeks, platinum to be exact! Anyways, these are the pics.



That’s all. Nothing really to say. I’m LOVING life!

Quick post: New tattoo, #4 – Conqueror

April 5, 2009


That’s what I am! A CONQUEROR, through Christ, which strengthens me! that’s all. This is just for all the adversity, hard times, storms, struggles that I overcame through believing and trusting.¬† *thought I’d share*

Ciao for now,


Spotlight on *B*

March 24, 2009

My girl Elisa has a spotlight on yours truly on her fab blog about her journey to fabulous, healthy, natural hair!! How cute! Check it out on her blog.

*I would like to update that I no longer use Pantene Hydrating Curls on the regular since it has that awful sulfate in the shampoo! I have switched to a much more hair friendly group of products that my hair absolutely adores! I won this set of Curls products from Jaime’s blog and am hooked!!


Curls, check their website for awesome products – http://www.curls.biz, has done AMAZING things to my fab curls! I use the Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream – which has this amazing coconut-y, vanilla fragrance! The Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea Conditioner – an AMAZING deep conditioner with an equally amazing and relaxing aroma! And I couldn’t live without the Curl Souffl√© – I use this to two strand twist my hair and it fights the frizzies, and makes my hair impeccably soft, vibrant, bouncy and most of all, FABULOUS!


fAsHiOn QuIcKiE

March 22, 2009

Some of my new Polyvore sets:

Bad a$$ in Balmain
Bad a$$ in Balmain – by VaFashionista on Polyvore.com

Those Balmain jeans were the inspiration behind my purchase of my new bleached, tie dyed skinny jeans – simply, they rock, hard!

I ♥ ikat
I ‚ô• ikat – by VaFashionista on Polyvore.com

The exotic/tribal trend is hot and one I’m absolutely LOVING!!! Fill your Spring/Summer wardrobe with ikats, bold prints and ethnic accents!!!

Well Heeled
Well Heeled – by VaFashionista on Polyvore.com

These shoes drive me INSANE – in a good way ofcourse! I need them in my life, like N O W!!!!

some stuff I love

March 13, 2009

in no particular order…

-This Michael Ealy, yum!


– These Balmain looks from Spring 09! via Fab Sugar


– This stuff, because it makes my hair just that!


– My new crush, because he’s too cute, has amazing calves (LOL) and is very involved in his church!

– Ackee & Saltfish Saturdays with dumplings and Plantains! ummm yeah!


– This picture of my friends & I


– My new nail polish color! it’s the PERFECT gunmetal that I’ve been searching for!! China Glaze Awaken


– Where my life is right now thanks to the FAVOR and GRACE and MERCY that God has bestowed upon me! Life truly is GREAT!!!!!!!!! ūüėÄ

– This baby picture of me


– The show Weeds, can’t wait for season 5!


– And these I-have-no-words-for-how-super-fabulous-amazing they truly are, shoes that have been on my mind since laying eyes on them last year!(loubies)! ( i still love them to this day! I neeeeeeed them in mi vida!!!)


So inspired!

February 12, 2009

The weather here in VA has been LOVELY the past few days! It’s got me thinking about my necessary Spring wardrobe, vacations and being able to party into the balmy nights!¬†Check out my Spring inspired Polyvore sets!

Spazz out with Sprouse
Spazz out with Sprouse – by VaFashionista on Polyvore.com

I was listening to the N.E.R.D. album and Spaz ¬†(click that link! That is the concert I went to!)¬†came on, so I was totally inspired! Not to mention, I ADORE Stephen Sprouse! I have got to get my hands on one of those Speedy’s! I tried it on at the LV Boutique and no two are alike because the paint is layered on as each layer dries! Ah! I’ve got to have it!!!

Perfect Spring Day
Perfect Spring Day – by VaFashionista on Polyvore.com

I totally love this yellow Jason Wu dress! It’s superbly feminine and a dress that should be in every woman’s closet! Those Loubies aren’t bad either! If I catch those on sale, I’d be delighted!!¬† I am totally picking up those eyeshadow colors to re-create that smattering gilded eye!!

Simply Loving Lacroix
Simply Loving Lacroix – by VaFashionista on Polyvore.com

This one is very simple and chic! The dress is a duh! and if I can find that clutch it’d be the rival of all of my other clutches! Plus, who doesn’t like a perfectly girly Lacroix dress!!