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No sleeves on my leather, please

November 5, 2009
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If there is one essential piece for your Fall wardrobe, it is the bad girl, tough chic, leather jacket, duh!  Well, up your fierceness quotient by getting this trusty and updated trend by cutting off the sleeves (not literally) and rocking a sleeveless leather vest!

Sleeveless? Leather? Vest? – yes!! Get one! or two! The essential ones to have are the off-center all black tough girl biker vest with lots of exposed zippers, like this one by Alexander Wang – excellent craftsmanship! I can almost feel the suppleness of the leather through the screen!

  awangvest2awang vest

One is dove gray, because gray is oh so chic! This one by Express even has studs! score! It is also vegan friendly: (minus the) Leather studded vest


Check how to wear a sleeveless leather vest via the looks below:

Rag & Bone – I love, love, LOVE the jeans this vest is paired with! Total bad girl!


Vent Couvert – this is a chic cool way to wear a leather sleeveless vest in warmer climates

Vent Couvert

And this is my Polyvore set – Rock a leather sans sleeves:

rock a leather, sans sleeves


Can’t leave you without pointing out the Haute-ness that is this cropped studded leather beauty! Letoya and Alicia are rocking it in their new videos, check it! Total dope hotness indeed! One thing’s for sure, you MUST get yourself a stylish leather this season, whether cropped, or sleeveless and… ROCK IT!


Ciao! *B*