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Hello Fab Ones!

October 15, 2009


So, so much has been going on! Life, love, work, etc etc! But in the midst of it all, I still remain fab! *as you can clearly see* lol! I’m playin but not really!

Anywho! I’m loving, LOVING my new hair and am being patient letting it do what it’s going to do! Because in a year I’m going to have a head full of Fabulous locs! *giddy*

I found some uberfabulous stuff in my Harper’s Bazaar this morning, check it:

I need these purple Gucci shades in my life! I’ve been rocking my YSL’s for a few years now, time to get a new pair 🙂

These Louboutin chain link wedges are my ultimate Spring/Summer shoe! Starting a mini fund for them RIGHT now! Gotta have them!

Then I got an email from Aldo on thes HAUTE boots! Need these and a fab light weight gray leather jacket to fill my Fall leather quotient!

**umm sorry about the size of the pics, but they won’t resize!**

~insert bullet portion of this blog post~

– Oh yeah, so big things are about to happen for me – SO excited!

– Got a new-new crush, it’s mutual and oh so cute! he started it lol! adorable he is!

– comments such as “that’s SO not like you!” and “I can’t imagine you with ‘dreads’ ” make me laugh, like uh, so how am I? hmmm?

– partied all last weekend with my buddy B, going to do it all over again this weekend! viva la party!

– I can never pick what color nail polish to roack so I rock 3 or more at a time lol!


– *Clearly* some people aren’t meant to be in your life, so when they can easily walk out and NOT look back, pssht! let them GO! They aren’t part of the greater picture, your destiny and purpose ANYWAYS so…BYE!!!!! 🙂

LOVE and ADORE my life right now! Couldn’t and Wouldn’t ask for anything more!

Ciao for now,



Omahyra Mota – where you at?

February 4, 2009


I haven’t seen anything from miss fabulously fierce before miss jay and tyra wore that out (FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERCE)!  She is like the epitome of a model! Maybe you remember her from Jay-Z “Change Clothes” video? I remember that is when I wanted to cut all my hair off! Girl was working IT!!!


I love her for her brashness and who the f* cares attitude! I love that she is not like the other models, totally walks to her own beat.  Her edge is undeniable and official, not of the marketed variety either *side eye Rihanna*  Girl is BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

But I wonder, where is she?! It’s been YEARS since I’ve seen ANYTHING from her! No runway shows! No editorials! nada! She needs a whole book dedicated to just her and her fierce fabulousness!(There is a book of pictures flicks of her and her boy toy by Ellen Von Unwerth – “Omahyra and Boyd” – definitely some interesting pictures there! But they are a leetle too naked for me to post LOL!) Check some of these instead…






ompic5Omahyra rocks! That’s all. PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Polyvore Sets

January 31, 2009

Untitled – by VaFashionista on

Ready or Not!
Chanel: Ready or Not! – by VaFashionista on

Posh for Marc
Posh for Marc – by VaFashionista on

Vintage Flair
Vintage Flair – by VaFashionista on

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman – by VaFashionista on

Party all the time!
Party all the time! – by VaFashionista on

Flash Dance
Flash Dance – by VaFashionista on

Be still my heart!

January 15, 2009

Yeah man, these shoes are BANGIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw the black pair in the new fold out Gucci ad in my W last night! I am enamored with these shoes!!! Do you even know how haute these would look on my foot! I want one in every color!!! *salivating* these are some super hot shoes Gucci! I’m in love! And appropriately, they are called the Iman.




Outfit Inspiration

January 13, 2009

Lanvin Lust
Lanvin Lust by VaFashionista

I love the Lanvin house for their exquisitely feminine dresses and impeccably unique handbags & clutches! I also love the fun, playful side where you don’t have to be so serious about fashion, but look uberly haute while wearing any piece from Lanvin. The t shirts are so cheeky and those shoes need a definite place in my closet!

LaRok to your own beat
LaRok to your own beat by VaFashionista

Ok, this LaRok coat is like the ULTIMATE coat!!! Trust and believe if I catch this thing on sale I will not hesitate to grab it up! I have been eyeing it since I saw it in a magazine many, many months ago. It’s the epitome of the perfect jacket!  Slim, feminine cut with the very necessary multi-layer chain detail.  The piping on the cuffs and collar just take it to the next level.  PS – I’m in love with those spin art jeans! Remember doing spin art as a little child??

You choose which way to LaRok it out
You choose which way to LaRok it out by VaFashionista

Ok, this is by far my favorite! You take a dainty LaRok dress and pair it with some enchanting heels or boots and you’re good to go! Of all of the footwork choices, those sequined Marc Jacobs booties and the twig heels are my favorite!

Lace Chanel Sunglasses…yes!!!

January 8, 2009



I’m pretty thrilled to own these! I just saw them in the magazine and well, you know, fell in love! So, I shall have them! 🙂 Can’t wait! I need to give my YSL’s a break!

Polyvore makes life F*u*N*

January 7, 2009

Polyvore is my creative outlet.  I go over there, pick a piece or theme I love and make a set centered around that one piece or theme.  I am trying to figure out what I can do with these sets.  For now, I will post them on Polyvore and here for your viewing pleasure, lol! Enjoy

Black Betty by VaFashionista

That fur gillet drives me crazy!!! I ADORE it, to pieces!!! Those Gucci flat boots with the fringe at the top drive me wild! I So need them in my life!!!

Indigo Royale by VaFashionista

Obviously, the theme was purple 🙂 It’s my favorite color so I had to make a set with all purple.  I submitted this set in a contest on Polyvore so I hope I win!

Cultured Pearl by VaFashionista

I have always loved those traditional Chinese dresses, Cheongsam, because of the intricate detail and sumptuous silk used.  I also have a thing for pearls, thanks to my mom gifting me my first set of pearls – earrings, bracelet and necklace – when I was a wee 5 year old.  I still remember the cute tinkerbell jewelry box she gave me to put them in! Anyways, this set was inspired by the Cheongsam and my love of pearls.

Spring 2009 – my favorite looks

September 13, 2008


ThisNext Spring Fashion Post!

April 2, 2008

OK! Spring has sprung! YAY!! WOOOO HOOOOO!!!! I’m MORE than excited! YES! Longer days, sun, warm weather! Ah I love it!!! In honor of Spring and my first love, FASHION, here are some of my lists that I have compiled over at ThisNext of hot[haute] Spring Fashions!

First, THE hottest color of the season, YELLOW!!!

Mellow Yellow!

Oh! I just LOVE the fun sunshin-y yellow in the Spring! What I love even more is that it is here to stay through the Fall! Pale yellow, pastel yellow, mustard yellow, even NEON yellow are here! Get ready to brighten up your wardrobe with some YELLOW!

See more of my Mellow Yellow! list at ThisNext.

Up next…SKIRTS!!!

Spring Skirts

It is officially Spring…although it doesn’t quite feel like it! But I am ready to get some new fun printed and patterned skirts for my Spring wardrobe! I want them full of color, lively prints and full shape! Here are some skirts that will be added to my closet

See more of my Spring Skirts list at ThisNext.

And last but not least; one of my MOST favorite trends this season…Retro! Do you have your high-waist ultra-wide leg jeans yet?!!?

Shopbop - Retro Fever

One of my favorite trends this year. Here are some of my favorite picks from Shopbop’s picks of Retro Fever

See more of my Shopbop – Retro Fever list at ThisNext.

Don’t forget to update your nail polish this season too! Here are some of my picks for Spring Nail colors

Pretty Spring Nails

So apparently it’s officially Spring, while it doesn’t quite feel like it weather wise, I am ready to put away my dark, deep hued nail polish and trade them in for some pretty Spring colors! Here are some of my picks.

See more of my Pretty Spring Nails list at ThisNext.

Wrote this @ 1:29 AM 3/16/08 while at Mixx

March 17, 2008

So when I go out of town I always see like two to three people who are the jet
setters, the fashion forward folk. So Ohio(Cincinnati) was no exception. I saw this chick in
something simple yet so chic, she had on some skinny jeans some damn fabulous
shoes, a clutch that I would fight her for and her scarf game was on point!

Then there is this little boy. I’m not sure he was really a little boy but he was like my height maybe 2 inches taller than me but his fashion game was mean. He had on some nice jeans, a two tome gray cardigan, a jesus piece , some old skool but new adidas hightop kicks…and gold fronts, 4 to the bottom.  Nonetheless he was quite easily one of the nicer dressed males in here.

Then there was this gurl who had on these cute leggings that I own as well, just
black but with three gold buttons down the side, but she had on these shoes! Omg! The shoes!!! Made me question my whole shoe game altogether! I will try and find a pic.

Oh yeah the place was filled with some bammas too LOL! I seen a chick in rave clothes carrying a brand new LV Manhattan PM bag…girl get ur priorities in order! I also saw TONS of fashion faux pas! I don’t even think I can call them ‘fashion’ per se b/c they were just. so. bad!!!!

I  see people trying but damn did they fail miserably! I myself had on a damn cute
fit! My new super wide leg high waisted jeans with this fab zebra print shirt cut down to
there. I paired my ensemble with my new patent leather yellow cluth and my 5 inch ‘chloe’ wedges. I was fab! make up fierce, hair fierce! *side bar, ppl keep asking me if I’m ethiopian…I used to get dominican and puerto rican…now its east african or ethiopian…cant I just be black??? * end side bar*